Posted on Wednesday July 27th, 2016



WHO WE ARE Schooldrivers set out to craft an earnest and personal sound through the use of compelling melodies, poignant lyrics, and edgy song arrangements. Schooldrivers's sound could be characterized as melodic and appealing, yet hard-hitting and impactful. The pounding rhythm section locks in perfectly with the thundering walls of guitars, while the vocals seamlessly [...]

Posted on Monday February 22nd, 2016



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Posted on Sunday December 29th, 2013


Greece’s Modern Rock Pioneers

Latest SimilarThis Is Our Official New Photoshoot!Playing For A Massive Audience of 120.000 PeopleFerman Akgül (maNga) meets Kay Darens (Schooldrivers) A new spectacular review on Theronation has been added by This album is a prime example of what a modern rock band should be; dynamic and not static, with all members of the band, [...]