Roll The Dice ft. Zenon

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Produced by Alex Chrysides

In Feb. 2012 Schooldrivers meet Alex Chrysides, an award winning Greek producer, in an unexpected version of their song Roll The Dice.

Chrysides pushed Roll The Dice to the edge creating a whole new world out of a rock song.

Adamantini Arvaniti, Birthmark’s singer as well as Zina Manousaki, Schooldrivers tour member, also participate in the track. The track gets great reviews and it’s decided to be officially released online as a lyric video.

Roll The Dice in it’s original version is a track included in Theronation, the new album by Schooldrivers.

Produced by Alex Chrysides.
Additional Vocals by Adamantini Arvaniti (Birthmark) & Zina Manousaki.

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