Ol Johnny

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Produced by Ares Kalogeropoulos

It’s been a long and hard journey for the school bus but Schooldrivers are finally reaching their destination. Ol’ Johnny in it’s premastered version that you can find here is a track to be included in Theronation, Schooldrivers’s forthcoming debut anglophone album. Ol’ Johnny is infused with dirty grunge distorted guitars, heavy drum beats and dark bass lines, all strung up lyrics and minimal enhancing keys.

The song is discussing the mental rebirth of an ordinary, conservative man named Johnny who follows trends and society rules by the book. Ol’ Johnny enlightened by his books (education) decides to kill the “small” person he was, letting his “mama” (aka: the society) know about his decision – releasing a totally rad and great persona into self rebellion, leading to an ultimate change of his society and common reality.

The subject of the song could be summed up to the phrase: “Change yourself – Change the world.” Schooldrivers welcome you into their “home” with this small preview from a whole new world of music.

© 2013 Schooldrivers.