Know My Name

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Produced by Cozy Roy

Know My Name was an 80’s feel single originally written by Cozy Roy (serving as ghostwriter on the song) and Kay Darens back in 2007.

The song remained in a demo form until Jan.2011 when it was decided by the band to participate on Bon Jovi Support Group contest, an event organised by Jumping Fish & Cosmote with the ultimate prize of opening Bon Jovi at O.A.K.A. Stadium, Athens. Know My Name by Schooldrivers was the 2nd digital single of the band and the 1st in English, leading to Schooldriver’s being the number 1 choice of the audience.

The song became a Greek viral hit and is a favorite choice amongst rock dj’s. Due to the song’s success it was decided to release an official videoclip on the track. Alex Karmios and his team did a terrific job at giving out an 80’s mood on a modern rock band like Schooldrivers.

The lyrics are straightforward, speaking of a troubled man facing a major change in his life and the consequences that arise from that: becoming famous. The subject of the song can be summed up on the phrase: “…if it’s fame you want you shall taste the pain”.

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