Schooldrivers Live Zeytinli Rock Festivali 2016 Performance

Schooldrivers’s live Zeytinli performance at the Rockstar Discovery Stage of Zeytinli Rock Festivali 2016, featuring a massive audience of 120.000 persons enjoying the show. #schooldrivers

★ Zeytinli Performed Setlist

1. Omen (The Prodigy) – in video
2. Sexdrive (Schooldrivers) – in video
3. Burn It Down (Schooldrivers) – in video
4. On My Knees (Schooldrivers) – in video
5. Ol Johnny (Schooldrivers)
6. Freestyler (Bomfunk MC’s) – in video
7. This Is War (Schooldrivers)

★ Artists

1. Kay Darens (Vocals)
2. AJ Anasto (Bass)
3. Konstantinos Paraskeavas (Guitar)
4. Giannis Verouchis (Drums)

★ FOH Engineer

Nikos Mermigkas using a BEHRINGER X32


★ Techie / Nerd Stuff

This an amateur video impression of the live performance containing raw footage from 2 GO PRO Hero 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, edited with Final Cut Pro X, denoised using Neat Video and coloured using Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista III. The sound was heavily clipped on all 3 audio sources (the cams), thus the final audio signal is a best effort phased and summed convolution.


★ Too Much Info

* Gotta Give (Schooldrivers) would be the final song of the set – however due to time shortage it wasn’t played.

** Sexdrive, Burn It Down, Ol Johnny, Gotta Give are songs included in Theronation, our vinyl album 2014 release which you can BUY directly by us or download the digital version for FREE by subscribing at our maling list:

*** On My Knees and This Is War are still unreleased, new tracks of the band which are due for release within the last quarter of 2016.

**** Omen by The Prodigy and Freestyler by Bomfunk MC’s are official cover os Schooldrivers for which a licence was obtained directly by the copyright owners and their legal representatives.

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