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6 Years Schooldrivers

Schooldrivers ft. Deejay Nic, Ganzi Gun, Bazzinga

6 Years Schooldrivers: A Night To Remember

A joyful and extravagant crowd of about 200 people made Saturday night a night to remember for years to come. The energetic performance of Bazzinga, the winners of our contest “Be A Headliner” together with Ganzi Gun‘s perfect headstart can’t just describe what we lived with Deejay Nic onstage during the Rockstep part of our set – nor can it describe what followed after the concert’s finale with a magical jam trip that included Blue Wanders, Athina Tsiligkeridou, Kostas Kafantaris, Thanos Liberopoulos, Nikos Pavlou and more…. Plainly… AWESOME! Thanks for such a wonderful party people! Seems there’s a reason we need to keep being around! ps. cheers to the sound engineer who made it happen Nikos Mermigkas and everyone who led out a helping hand / including the awesome Recover studio sound team! #rockstep #sdconcert Photos by Nikos Pavlou Photography

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